The Sarcastically Serious Bot



  • _help Display GN4R's list of commands.
  • _info Show information about GN4R-BOT.
  • _whois Get information on a user.
  • _invite Get a link to invite GN4R to your server.
  • _uptime Show the bot's uptime.
  • _math Calculate fancy math expressions.
  • _ping Show the bot's current response time..
  • _remindme No descriptions provided.
  • _roll Roll a random number from 0 to argument.
  • _coinflip Heads or Tails?
  • _8ball Test your wildest dreams!
  • _google Who needs browsers!?
  • _youtube Search and get a YouTube video.
  • _ban Ban users from the server.
  • _unban Unban users.
  • _mute Mute/silence users from chat.
  • _unmute Allow users to use chat again.
  • _deletemessages Delete a # of recent messages.
  • _cbot Talk to Clever-Bot.
  • _pbot Talk to Pandora-Bot.
  • _tts Text to speech fun.
  • _xkcd Ey keed, want some programmer hum0r?.
  • _c&h Shit-posts from Explosm.
  • _rcg Random shit-post generation!
  • _garfield Get some of your favorite fat cat comics!
  • _getmedia Get a png/jpg/gif/vine from GN4R's database.
  • _listmedia List all media from GN4R's database.
  • _cats Get cats! What more do you want!?
  • _eyes Put weird eyes on people!
  • _discordgold Tilts dumb people.
  • _goodshit go౦ԁ sHit👌.
  • _yodatalk Learn to speak like Yoda, you will.
  • _zalgo HE COMES.
  • _ascii ASCII text art!
  • _leet Leet it!
  • _poop Shit your heart out.
  • _game Look up information about a game.
  • _league Look up Leauge of Legends statistics of a player.
  • _overwatch Look up Overwatch information about a player.
  • _dui Get Discord user information


GN4R is mostly written in Java/Kotlin and his code is maintained on GitHub.
Interested in the source code or contributing? Click here to go to the GitHub page.

GN4R is a side-project written by Avalon and Maeyrl.
The former is the serious one and the latter is the sarcastic one.